Our Story

Hello and welcome to our Unique College Lifestyle website.  As a mom of two college graduates and one college bound son, I have experienced the pains and joys of sending kids to the exciting world of "going to college".  It was daunting when my kids walked out the front door and I did not know when or how long it would be before they would come back...winter break, spring break, of even the following summer. I figured why not create a space where they can go and pick their own things to fill in their their new, albeit temporary, space they would be occupying for the next 3 to 4 years, maybe even 5. A place where they, and their loved ones, can feel comfortable to pick and choose what they want to surround themselves with and feel good about their purchases, all on a college budget.

With my first child, I bought too much and with my second child, I may have not bought enough. Finally, with my third child, I am getting it just right. But just right is different for every student and our goal is to help with what is right for you by showcasing all the things you can possibly need. Be it bedding, your favorite study tools to what you need for a good night's sleep before that big test. I invite you to explore our site and find what is right for you.  Enjoy your college journey!