Aluminum Coffee Maker // Durable Moka Cafeteira Expresso Percolator Coffee Pot 50/100/150ml




Espresso Your Love with the Aluminum Espresso Maker
The Base of Many Coffee Drinks
Espresso is the main ingredient in a variety of popular coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, mochas, frappes and americanos.
Save yourself from trips to expensive coffee chops and make your favorite espresso drinks at home. The aluminum espresso maker makes flavorful coffee in minutes!
Easy to Clean and Easy to Use
The Aluminum Espresso Maker is easy to clean and easy to use in a few simple steps. Fill the base with water, fill the filter with coffee, screw on the top and then place on the burner until the coffee has percolated.

How to Make the Perfect Espresso

To start, unscrew the top part of the espresso maker with the handle from the bottom part of the espresso maker and remove the funnel that nests inside the base of the espresso maker.

Next, fill base with water to the level of the safety valve. Replace the funnel into the base and fill it with ground coffee; do not press coffee down. For best results, use fresh roasted, finely ground coffee. The recommendation is to use a 6-to-1 water to coffee ratio. For each tablespoon of coffee, use 3 oz. of water.

Tighten the top to the base. Make sure the top is completely screwed on to the base before putting on the stovetop.

Heat coffee until coffee percolates to the top. Make sure the handle of the espresso maker is not over the heat source. Remove from heat and serve. Enjoy!


Make All of Your Favorite Coffee Beverages with the Aluminum
Espresso Maker

The novice coffee drinkers to the most serious coffee lovers will love this easy to use espresso maker- perfect for making all kinds of coffee drinks. Of course, you can visit your neighborhood coffee shop to enjoy some coffee, but making it at home is so easy and inexpensive, why not do it yourself?

Using a moka pot/espresso maker is nothing more than filling the base with water, filling the filter with coffee and then percolating your coffee until it is ready to serve. From there, you can drink it straight as a shot or you can make affogatos, americanos, frappes and much more all with this espresso maker.

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Capacity (Cup)

5-10 cups


Mainland China

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